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boise bible college offers affordable, quality christian education. our low cost and financial aid will help you to invest in your future. our goal is to equip students to become servant leaders while minimizing debt-load.

the information provided here is for first-time students at boise bible college for the fall 2020 or spring 2021 semester.

you must be enrolled full-time (12+ credits) to be considered for boise bible college’s institutional scholarships and grants. however, for non-traditional students, scholarships and grants may be awarded on a pro-rated basis.

contact the financial aid department at for additional information or questions.

i graduated completely debt free with my bachelor’s of science in family and children’s ministry! this wouldn’t be possible without the support of many and the opportunities made available at bbc.

megan york


tuition cost and fees

yearly averages – tuition (12 credits), housing, and meal plan

affordable Christian education

includes on-campus room and board, required student fees and 12 credit hours each semester tuition charges. received from: //

cost breakdown

below is the cost for the 2020-2021 school year per semester. 


  • application — $25
  • tuition deposit (credits account upon enrollment) — $100
  • room deposit (returned if there are no damages) — $150

tuition per semester

  • per credit hour — $415
  • per hour (audit/co-curricular) — $125


  • student life (full-time enrollment) (per semester) — $325
  • student life (part-time enrollment) (per semester) — $165
  • athletic (per sport played) — $15
  • private voice/music lessons — $345
  • replace/missing mail box key — $15
  • replace/missing security card — $30
  • change of registration (per transaction) — $10
  • challenge fee (per credit hour) — $25
  • graduation — $65

room charges

  • east dorm double occupancy — $1300
  • west dorm quad occupancy — $1300
  • west dorm triple occupancy — $1600
  • west dorm double occupancy — $1825
  • west dorm single occupancy — $2075

cafeteria charges

  • residential meal plan (16 meals per week; 6% sales tax incld.) — $1900
  • modified meal plan* ($435 + $26 tax) — $485
  • commuter meal plan (x10) ($75 + $4.50 tax) — $83.50

*e.g. medical conditions; requires administrator approval

rv residence spaces

  • rv space (full hook up) (based on $300/month) — $1200

please note, a 4% charge with use of credit or debit card.

receiving a quality and affordable christian education is at your fingertips. there are many ways to pay for college, so we invite you to peruse the slideshow below for some common ways.

institutional financial aid

academic scholarships

scholarship amount criteria
president’s academic scholarship $1,500/semester awarded to students with a 3.75 cgpa or higher
dean’s academic scholarship $750/semester awarded to students with a 3.5 to 3.74 cgpa.

grants and scholarships

scholarship amount criteria
leadership scholarship $1,000/semester 2.5 cgpa or higher; additional application
investment grant $750/semester for one year awarded to students during events or campus tours
dependent of a full-time christian worker $750/semester awarded to students whose parent/guardian work f/t at any recognized christian organization.
alliance scholarship $500/semester for 2 years awarded to students by youth leaders or pastors

international student scholarships

scholarship amount criteria
level 1: for students in least developed countries (based on united nations criteria) 100% tuition up to 16 credit hours/semester meet the international student admissions requirements by may 1st; maintain a 2.50 gpa each semester
level 2: for students in developed countries (based on united nations criteria) $3,250/semester meet the international student admissions requirements by may 1st; maintain a 2.50 gpa each semester
intercultural student grant: offered to students who entered the u.s. through humanitarian programs $1,000/semester meet admissions requriements; maintain a 2.50 gpa each semester

to understand more deeply how financial aid works for international students, check out our blog titled, “steps to understanding international student financial aid“.


to apply for institutional scholarships or grants awarded by boise bible college, complete the scholarship application form below. in addition, complete the leadership scholarship application by june 1st to be considered.

federal financial aid

federal aid

federal aid programs such as grants and student loans are also available at bbc in order to make available an affordable christian education. to see what you may be eligible for, please complete the matching free application for federal student aid (fafsa) for the academic year you plan to attend. this yearly application will determine your eligibility for:

federal grants:

unlike loans, grants do not have to be paid back in most circumstances. eligible grants include:

  • the federal pell grant
  • fseog grant

student loans:

unlike grants and scholarships, loans are borrowed funds that must be repaid with interest. several types of loans may be available to both students and their parents. we recommend that students be wise and carefully consider loans and the amount to be repaid after much research and prayer.

  • subsidized loans
  • unsubsidized loans
  • parent plus loan

howerver, in the case you may need to take out student loans to invest in your education, boise bible college offers the bbc pledge for all 4-year, incoming students. the bbc pledge is a loan repayment assistance program through aredeo education solutions.

va benefits

va education benefits help veterans, service members, and their qualified family members with needs like paying college tuition, finding the right school or training program, and getting career counseling.

the college accepts the gi bill and other va benefits to help students fund their education.

student employment


boise bible college has employment available on campus to students in addition to scholarships, grants, and federal aid resources. the areas available for student employment are coffee shop, maintenance, landscaping, library, and cafeteria.

students must fill out a student employment application as well as be interviewed.

many colleges must report the direct and indirect costs of attending to the government. the net price calculator is a tool that takes both the direct and indirect costs reported into account. the chart above outlines the direct costs for attending boise bible college based on 12 credit hours. learn more here about direct and indirect costs.


of students receive financial aid

dollars available to returning students

dollars awarded in BBC grants & scholarships in 2019-2020

financial aid blog

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