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boise bible college is a gift driven institution. we depend on your partnership, prayers, and gifts to accomplish our mission of equipping servant leaders for the church. our goal is for our students leave bbc with minimal debt.

your gift makes a difference!

please consider making bbc a part of your personal and/or organization’s monthly giving budget. the “ways to give” descriptions on this page will help you arrange your support.

in addition, we offer estate planning through a partnership with financial planning ministries.

our development staff is ready to assist and support your congregation in many ways. see our community tab to see the various ways we can offer our services.

if you have any questions please contact the business office or development office through email or by calling 208-376-7731.

i graduated completely debt free with my bachelor’s of science in family and children’s ministry! this wouldn’t be possible without the support of many generous scholarships and the opportunities available at bbc.

megan york


ways to give

support a scholarship

providing tuition scholarship assistance helps students continue their education. many of the scholarships at bbc have been formed and named to make strong statements about what the donors believe is important in ministerial preparation. scholarships can be funded in estates, as memorial gifts, or as gifts during the donor’s lifetime.

our development department is ready to help you use your generosity and imagination to create and fund a scholarship or feel free to support one of these existing funds:

  • internal scholarship fund: funded through our general fund for academic excellence, leadership potential, need, or service to the college.
  • cornelius scholarship: annually funded and awarded to deserving students who show strong leadership potential.
  • medal of honor scholarship:this fund honors bob maxwell, an oregon resident and recipient of the congressional medal of honor for his acts of sacrifice and service in world war ii.
  • presidential student aid: annually funded and awarded to deserving students at the president’s discretion.
  • alumni legacy scholarship: awarded to dependents of our alumni.
  • nancy wood scholarship: in memory of nancy lyn wood.
  • earl heald scholarship: awarded to a deserving ministerial student.
  • richard scott scholarship: awarded to a student preparing for rural church ministry.
  • bruce wheeler scholarship: in honor for bruce’s life of ministry, awarded to a student with a similar passion and plan.
  • many other scholarships are available for funding. please contact our development department for a full list and funding criteria.
memorial gift

the perfect gift to honor someone who has everything they need. donate to commemorate the life of a special person or in memory of a loved one.

need-specific gifts

the college is seeking many new, or like-new, tangible items to use in the offices, classrooms, kitchen or dormitory. individuals making a gift from our wish list will receive a non-cash donation receipt to use for tax purposes.

estate planning gifts

there are three ways that donors can give to bbc through estate planning:

  1. give through a will
  2. give through a living trust, or
  3. give through a charitable gift annuity.

many friends have chosen to remember bbc as a beneficiary in their wills so that their contributions to the school continue even at their death.

other donors chose to form a living trust. we partner with financial planning ministry who will form your living trust at no cost if you designate bbc as a beneficiary.

with charitable gift annuities, the individual transfers money or securities to bbc as part of an agreement that guarantees you a fixed income for life. in addition, you will receive a tax deduction and avoid paying taxes on a significant portion of the annuity income.

amazon smile

shop through and select “boise bible college inc.” as your charity of choice. a percentage of the purchases will be donated to bbc by amazon. learn more about amazon smile.

stock or property gift

giving a gift of stock allows you to avoid paying high capital gains taxes and lower your cost of giving a gift. if you would like to transfer stock to bbc, you must contact your broker and ask that a specific number of shares of a specific stock be transferred to boise bible college as a gift. please contact our business office for more details on making a stock transfer.

insurance policy gift

leave boise bible college a large gift through the low cost of premiums. set up a policy with your broker, name bbc as the owner and beneficiary, and the premiums are tax deductible.

building fund support

these gifts are used entirely as directed by the donor, but at the discretion of the college. the college is in a long-term construction project to expand its housing capacity. designating your gift to the building fund will help us achieve that goal.

our desire is to accumulate sufficient funds to complete phase iii of the student housing project. the groundwork and foundation, more students are coming and the time will come to complete the residence hall complex. please consider making a commitment to help us finish this important project.

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