visit campus

you won't regret it

make yourself at home

welcome! consider yourself part of the family when you visit campus at this northwest college campus. the experiences gained during a campus visit will help you gauge the campus culture and develop a vision for your future.

when you visit the campus you can expect to meet staff and professors, to drink a beverage from the lion’s den, and to observe classes as well as chapel. lastly, by visiting campus, you’ll receive a $1000 scholarship! it’s a win-win situation.

for additional pictures or information, view our google virtual campus. if you have questions, please call us at 208-376-7731 or email!

ps: we are offering in-person campus tours! request a tour today!

thriving northwest location

as northwest college, boise bible college is located in boise, id. boise has a population of over 200,000 people and a metropolitan area with over 700,000. however, boise is less than 60 minutes from mountain terrain, hot springs, and lakes. boise has a thriving downtown atmosphere with markets, shopping, coffee, and biking. lastly, boise is growing culturally diverse and offers many recreational opportunities known to the northwest. 

visit accommodations

we encourage students to stay at least one night in the dorms during a visit, but it’s optional. during their campus visit, students receive one free night in the dorm and up to three free meals in the cafeteria. however, the springhill suites hotel, 5 minutes from campus, offers a discount by mentioning “boise bible college” for parents.

if you are flying into boise airport (boi), we do offer transportation to and from the airport if not renting a car.

receive $1,000 for a campus tour or attending an event

boise bible campus experiences

bbc campus experiences are opportunities to visit boise bible as if you were a student for a day. you’ll be able to eat in the cafeteria, drink coffee from the lion’s den, attend classes and chapel, sleep in the dorms (optional), and experience many northwest recreational activities. it’s a full day of living life alongside other boise bible students!

preview high school conference

start the change.

preview high school conference is an opportunity for students all over the northwest and beyond to come together and grow in their walk with jesus.

this year’s theme is “start the change”. we all want to pursue justice and change the world, but how do we do that with jesus? jesus offers the best basis for pursuing justice and making change happen through his gospel.

individual campus visit

individual campus visits are a great way to dive deep into getting to know your future college. these tours are personalized and tailored to your needs. all campus visits are by appointment only at this time.

digital campus tour

we are coming to you digitally! walk with an admissions counselor through our beautiful campus and get your questions answered! sign up today!

group campus visit

boise bible college offers group tours for schools and organizations with 10–40 students in 6th grade or above who are interested in our programs. these visits are offered monday through friday during the academic year.

starting point

unfortunately, we are unable to offer starting point this year. we encourage you to attend a boise bible campus experience instead!

however, this event is for junior or senior students and their parents to understand boise bible and the college process together. although starting point focuses on how to pay for college and the ins-and-outs of financial aid, you’ll hear from admissions and professors as well as tour the college.

admitted student days

admitted student days aims to create a bond between incoming students and boise bible college students, faculty, and staff. attend and connect with others at boise bible college as well as gear up for fall orientation. 

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