the journey of truth and grace

note by president voorhees

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The Journey of Truth & Grace

taking a journey is exciting…and maybe a bit nerve-wracking (especially if it’s one you’ve never taken before). my guess is you’re feeling a bit anxious and amped up for college. it’s a new chapter…with years of exploration ahead of you.

your christian college experience should be high quality. to that goal the classes you experience and degree you pursue should equip you, all within a supportive culture. on this journey of truth and grace you should feel like you belong in an accepting environment where you deepen your relationship with jesus while being prepared to do ministry.

should you choose to accept the thrill and challenge of attending boise bible college, your faith journey will include:

  • scriptural awareness to draw you closer to god,
  • self-awareness to live for god by loving him, and
  • social awareness to help others encounter god.

your educational journey at boise bible college will influence you to become a servant-leader for a local church that influences its community with jesus’ gospel. at boise bible college you’ll have opportunities for character development and growth through interaction with our faculty, staff, upper-classmen, area pastors, and local boise churches.

your commitment to the training at boise bible college will move you forward as a devoted servant-leader of jesus as well as prepare you professionally. that’s what we commit to you, and we’ve been doing that as a christian college for 75 years. and by god’s grace, we’re confident you’ll be employable and acquire a strong sense of fulfillment and success in actually putting into practice what you learn at boise bible college.

as you continue to peruse our website, i hope you will prayerfully consider joining our community in your preparation to advance the saving hope of jesus one person at a time! the journey doesn’t end after boise bible college…start here, go there!

dr. derek voorhees

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