student grievance policy

Student Complaint & Grievance Procedures

the college recognizes that interpersonal difficulties and disagreements can and will occur in any situation where individuals work, learn, and live together. thus, a grievance procedure has been established to assist with resolution. in pursuant with biblical guidance (matthew 18:15-17), emphasis is placed on settling complaints and grievances at the lowest administrative level possible. boise bible college encourages students to communicate freely with the administration, faculty, and staff before filing a formal complaint or grievance. problems can often be corrected to the satisfaction of all parties through informal communication. the administration encourages students to avoid frivolous complaints or grievances so that staff will have more time to devote to serious matters.

the outlined grievance procedure below views a progression of an incident (conflict, complaint, grievance) with graduated levels of advisement and mediation (peer, advisory, departmental, institutional).

call the student life office


email the student life office

for more information, please read our student grievance policy and procedures. if you have any questions, please contact the student life office. see title ix and clery policy for additional information regarding policies at boise bible college.

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