christian leadership

bachelor of science “fast track”

points of distinction:

  • the christian leadership degree “fast track” is for students with 60 hours of previous general education college credits or a bachelor’s degree will be able to complete this degree in two years.
  • students will learn how to communicate biblical truths effectively as well as learn administration and organization.
  • christian leadership graduates will develop the ability to work more effectively in non-vocational leadership roles in the church.
  • graduates of this program will be able to cooperate with other leaders to formulate, oversee, and administer the overall program of the church.
  • christian leadership majors will learn to understand, appreciate, and participate in the change of authority and responsibility in a local church.

possible careers:

  • connections pastor
  • pastor
  • youth coordinator
  • associate pastor
  • missions
  • volunteer director
  • leadership development manager
  • spiritual formation and discipleship pastor
  • program coordinator
  • camp director
  • christian education leader

for additional information about the chirstian leadership degree, see the catalog.

my journey

the christian leadership program offers the freedom to step into the world of christian leadership and lead people with god and his solid principles.

r. younis, current student

program breakdown

all 4- and 2-year degrees at boise bible college are built around three components: general education, bible major, ministry program.

it is necessary to fulfill all requirements in each of these components in order to successfully complete the degree. each component, and each course, plays a role in your overall development as a person of influence

prior general education core (60 credits)
philosophy (5 credits)
  • christian ethics
  • christian apologetics
history (3 credits)
  • survey of church history
bible (19 credits)
  • journey through the bible
  • new testament introduction
  • old testament introduction
  • acts of the apostles
  • life of christ
  • 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus
  • history of israel
theology (12 credits)
  • survey of bible doctrine
  • biblical interpretation and resources
  • restoration movement principles
  • romans or advanced bible doctrine
christian ministries core (12 credits)
  • principle of instruction, communicating biblical truth, or intro to preaching (men)
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • foundations of spiritual growth
  • christian leadership
  • senior capstone
  • contextual ministry
guided electives (15 credits)

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