christian education

interdisciplinary studies

bachelor of science or bachelor of arts

points of distinction:

  • students will have the freedom to customize their christian education degree program.
  • students develop the basic skills to lead various educational ministries of the church.
  • graduates of this program will be able to recruit, train, and motivate the teams of workers needed to run programs. 
  • the christian education program gives opportunities to practice skills in various settings.
  • students are able to model experienced and actively involved professors.

possible careers:

  • family and children’s minister
  • family and youth leader
  • library assistant
  • small group director
  • program specialist
  • counselor
  • classroom worker
  • missionary
  • human service worker
  • christian nonprofit organization assistant

this degree program can be taken as a dual minor in conjunction with another christian ministry dual minor. for additional information about the christian education interdisciplinary studies degree, see the catalog.

my journey

i love how the staff and students motivate me to pursue my relationship with christ as well as my life goals.

k. hill, current student

program breakdown

all 4- and 2-year degrees at boise bible college are built around three components: general education, bible major, ministry program.

it is necessary to fulfill all requirements in each of these components in order to successfully complete the degree. each component, and each course, plays a role in your overall development as a person of influence

general studies (1 credit)
  • bible college navigator
language and communication (18 credits)
  • public speaking
  • English Grammar & Composition
  • Research & Writing
  • greek 1-3 (bachelor of arts degrees only)
philosophy (8 credits)
  • christian ethics
  • christian apologetics
  • introduction to philosophy, logic, or worldviews
history (6 credits)
  • survey of church history
  • church history (choose one of three sections)
math/science (choose 3 credits)
  • personal finances
  • theory of intelligent design
social science (choose 3 credits*)
  • cultural anthropology
  • general psychology
  • sociology
open electives
  • may include any course offered 1
bible (31 credits)
  • journey through the bible
  • new testament introduction
  • old testament introduction
  • acts of the apostles
  • life of christ (choose two of three sections) 
  • 1, 2 Timothy & Titus
  • history of israel
  • greek exegesis 1-2
  • romans
theology (13 credits)
  • survey of bible doctrine
  • biblical interpretation and resources
  • origin and nature of the bible
  • historical theology
  • advanced bible doctrine
bible or theology electives (3 credits)
christian ministries core (24 credits)
  • christian life
  • intro to vocational ministries
  • sophomore seminar
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Organization & Administration
  • communicating biblical truth or introduction to preaching (men)
  • foundations for spiritual growth
  • women in ministry (women) or life in ministry
  • christian leadership
  • senior capstone
  • contextual ministry
christian education core (10 credits)
  • history and philosophy of education
  • curriculum development
guided electives (12 credits)
internships (4 credits)

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