a new direction – marty solomon

author: david davolt
published on: november 12, 2020

marty solomon grew up in the small town of wendell, idaho, just over 100 miles from boise bible college. his father worked for idaho power, and his mom was a homemaker. marty was very involved in their local church, twin falls reformed church. he spent his adolescence excelling academically and athletically at wendell high school, where he graduated in 2001. he felt god tugging at him to pursue vocational ministry.

marty visited several reformed church colleges during his senior year and received a college scholarship to play football, but god had other plans. at a college fair at his high school during his senior year, he had to visit three different presentations in order to be excused from class. he visited boise state, albertson college, and then was going to visit byu with a bunch of his buddies to goof off when he passed ross knudsen at a small folding table that said, “boise bible college.” joking, he said, “what is this, a small 2-year school?” ross explained it was a four-year bible college and invited him in.

later he visited the campus, and in his words, “at the time the campus was rather unimpressive, (especially in those days) compared to the larger universities i had visited. ” he again felt god making a divine call on his life to go into ministry and to attend boise bible college.

the education and time understanding god’s word at boise bible college cemented his calling for ministry. but it was the family atmosphere he experienced that impacted him most. he respected each professor, even when he disagreed with them. he admired mr. cornett’s humility and mr. faber’s commitment to detail and thoroughness. he enjoyed engaging dr. whittaker in discussion on a regular basis. he recalls that he was closest to dr. greenlee and dr. byerly. the entire network of the bbc family, students, staff, and professors made a difference for a lifetime.

time spent at boise bible will be life-changing. it will not just be a list of classes to attend, but a family to be a part of that will change you – for eternity!

marty solomon

some great memories on campus include how the “clashing chinchillas” won the bbc outdoor volleyball tournament with teammate chris short. and coaching the boise bible flag football team to a boise city league championship was not only memorable, but it also helped him put aside any thoughts of returning to the football field.

the best experience for marty was meeting his wife, rebekah (becky schnackenberg), who was also a bbc student. marty says, “meeting my wife was by far the most transformative relationship in my life outside of jesus. worth every penny of tuition for that relationship alone.” they have a daughter, abigail, and a son, ezekiel, and currently live outside of cincinnati, ohio. they embrace their roles as parents and spend as much family time as possible enjoying what their kids enjoy, playing games, going to the lake, and just being with them. marty said it this way, “at times, it feels like we might be “missing out,” but i’ve heard too many regrets of people missing out on family, so i’ll take family for now.”

life after boise bible college

marty graduated from boise bible college in 2005 with a degree in christian ministries. he worked at valley life community church and southwest christian church during college. he was involved as southwest cc relaunched as shechinah: the church. this proved to be an incredible experience for him to experiment with vocational ministry while still being trained at a young age. he was surrounded by mentors and other leaders that influenced and taught him. he was able to work with several alumni from the school. 

he did a short stint with his home church in twin falls. along the way, marty had an opportunity to study with ray vander laan in israel and turkey; this drew him into campus ministry. “after learning about first-century discipleship, i wanted to experiment with some of those same methods, and college students were the right demographic,” he says. he was hired by impact ministries and moved to moscow, idaho. there he forged a relationship with real life ministries that was impactful for both real life and impact. one of the things that made impact stand out to him was its focus on jesus. “i love impact’s commitment to our qualitative relationship with jesus over the quantitative production of ministry.” marty’s prayer for his students is that they would perceive their vocation as holy and sacred work and pursue jesus while teaching others to do the same.

impact has been an amazing time of growth for marty. he has recently moved to ohio to better fulfill his role as president of impact ministries. his education from bbc and the experience at bbc molded him through the medium of relationships. marty explains that he was not just involved in academia but had relationships with everyone – professors, advisors, friends, classmates, and in the churches he worked. combined with his ministry experience and the relationships he has made, all are vital parts of his current job fulfillment.

marty says, “god is helping me learn more and more about influencing the world through christian ministry and leadership. he continues to teach me about who i am and how to be the best version of myself and use my gifts to bring the gospel to the world around me.”

marty loves to hunt each fall and saves vacation time for the season. his family takes up most of his spare time, and for as long as his kids want to spend time with mom and dad, he plans to be there for them.

when asked about his time at boise bible, he shared:

“time spent at bbc will be literally life-changing. it will not just be a list of classes to attend, but a family to be a part of that will change you — for eternity!

i have absolutely loved the growth i have seen at bbc through their values in the last few years. the bbc of today is not the bbc that i was part of — and it shouldn’t be! they are growing and evolving as an institution, letting the holy spirit transform them. i have seen this the most in their commitment to humility. they are willing to learn, and i love it.”

thank you ross knudsen for reaching out to a young football player.

thank you marty solomon for making the most of the scholarship you learned, living out the community you experience, and your innovative approach to ministry. you are loving and discipling people to be closer to jesus!

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