why bible college matters in the workplace

author: boise bible college
published on: march 6, 2020
christian leadership

in a world with unlimited choices for college, bible college matters.

many assume bible college is for those going into vocational ministry, however that is not the case. the work that god has for you may or may not be in the organizational structure of “church”. however, the skills you learn at bible college matter for wherever god calls you.

you can become an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a cosmetologist, a graphic designer, a nurse, a real estate agent – name it – but an education at bible college, even just one year, will equip you.

and here’s why bible college matters

new research from the nber (national bureau of economic research) finds that from 2000 to 2012, jobs that require “soft” skills, such as the ability to communicate and work in teams, grew faster than jobs mainly requiring skills identified in iq or achievement tests. furthermore, in a study done by google, a top qualification for both potential and current employees is creativity, leadership potential, and communication skills.

so, from researchers and economists, the key to becoming successful in most industries requires three traits which fall into the soft skills category. and a bible college education is designed to address all three!

94% of recruiting professionals believe an employee with stronger soft skills has a better chance of being promoted to a leadership position than an employee with more years of experience but weaker soft skills

icims hiring insights (2017)

thinking skills

being able to have a broad understanding of the world and see the bigger picture is an important skill for employers. employers want to see that you’re able to pay attention to detail, and the larger vision of how the company/organization relates to the world around them.

work often comes with various problems to solve. so, developing the skill to think critically and make reasonable decisions can improve your chances of being successful.


people skills

throughout your lifetime, you will inevitably work with other people on a team. many employers are looking for people that can contribute to the health of the organization relationally.

according to ryan khan, a career coach, in a forbes article, “having the ability to place yourself in someone else’s shoes is a key people skill.” the article continues to say, “offer support, sympathy, and feedback in your daily business life . . . it will bring you positive emotional returns.

being able to communicate effectively and influence people to yield results for the positive can help the company flourish as well as yourself.

in the same forbes article, lynn taylor, a national workplace expert, explains, “being articulate is highly prized in today’s workplace when time is at a premium and technology requires constant communication.”

bible college


employers are looking for people who have integrity of the heart. this means honest, knowing right from wrong, and living by one’s convictions kind of employees. all of these are characteristics of a christ-follower, but emphasized and practiced at bible college.

also, employers are looking for people who are self-starters and self-disciplined. in addition, they’re looking for employees who place a high value on serving others. in other words, becoming a servant-leader is important to the workplace.

bible college matters

not only does the curriculum at boise bible college focus on the soft skills to develop people of influence through . . .

  • the ability to think critically and biblically
  • a consecrated and disciplined way of life
  • a thoughtful and effective approach to leadership

but, boise bible college’s core values of . . .

  • scholarship
  • humility
  • community
  • innovation

. . . speak to the research done in the marketplace.

we firmly believe in receiving a bible college education and in boise bible college to prepare you for wherever god calls you.

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