senioritis: how to fight the sickness!

author: boise bible college
published on: january 17, 2020

well, you’ve made it to spring semester and graduation is in sight. but, senioritis. you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  but, senioritis. we are here to remind you that this last semester of high school (or college) doesn’t need to be walked in the dark.

definition of senioritis: the slowing of studying or checking out of school the few months before graduation.

symptoms of senioritis:

  • mild to moderate cases of staring out the window
  • swollen ego
  • homework fatigue
  • inflammation of the whining gland
  • acute mediocrity
  • short-term memory loss
  • excessive tardiness
  • long naps to avoid homework
  • classroom intolerance
  • excessive hallway wandering
  • additional excessive illnesses: colds, headaches, etcs.

resource from “symptoms and treatment of senioritis”.

here’s some tips:

1. pay attention to missed opportunities

most colleges, if not all, require final official transcripts once you graduate. do not assume that your unofficial transcript secures your future. if grades slip below the academic requirements, the repercussions may be:

  • colleges may reconsider accepted conditions
  • you may lose scholarships

one easy way to make sure your grades aren’t falling is simply to show up. showing up to class on time daily will prevent grades from slipping. remember, some classes reduce grades based on attendance or participation.

2. start a new activity

is there a club or extra-curricular activity you’ve always wanted to do? now is your time to jump in! you could try drama, choir, a new sport, or volunteer at church? you only have a few more months of high school (or college) and there’s some opportunities you won’t get back. in addition, trying something new will help you focus by upstarting the mundane.

3. stay healthy

in order to maintain productivity, you’ll need to stay on top of your health. healthy living means sleeping, exercising, eating well, spending time with god, and managing your time wisely. it’s easy to get caught up on the last moments of high school and forget to take care of yourself.


4. make a weekly checklist or even daily

spend an hour at the beginning of each week to create to-do list. creating tasks to complete that week will make you feel on top of the world as well as on top of the items you need to complete. waiting until the last minute to accomplish items make induce stress or missed opportunities. lastly, it’ll help you stay focused on items that need to completed.

common checklist items: 

  • register for the sat/act
  • schedule to send final official transcripts with your high school
  • apply to scholarships
  • complete a fafsa (free application for federal student aid)

5. talk to your guidance counselor or trusted teacher

the guidance counselor or a trusted teacher at your school may have some solid advice for you. they’ve seen senioritis many times over many years. their insight may prove to be valuable to you in fighting senioritis.

6. consider your parents and family

remember, you’re getting ready to journey to the next stage of your life. it’s easy to get caught up on spending time with friends or over-burdening your time with extra activities. however, it’s important to spend time your parents and family before you leave home. schedule some time with your family and they’ll be ever so grateful. read our blog, “transitioning to college” for more helpful tips.

7. remember your college decision

by choosing your college early, you’ll be able to finish your last semester without worrying about college paperwork. most early college decisions are in april or may, but why not begin the process earlier? 

8. crush senioritis before it begins

make a plan and get organized. don’t let senioritis rule over you during the last semester. 

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