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author: boise bible college
published on: january 15, 2020
boise bible college campus

dorms open today!

spring registration begins friday!

classes begin tuesday!

check your student emails!

at this point, the academic office and student life office have definitely communicated details regarding times of registration. please check your student emails or see the bbc announcements facebook page. if you have any questions, please contact the academic office.

after three long weeks, students are returning to campus and we couldn’t be more thrilled. as we all know, the days before classes beginning are filled with anticipation, nerves, and excitement.

so, here’s what to expect at spring registration:

1. it’s more condensed than fall registration.

fall registration is longer because more students are attending. in the spring, many returning students have pre-registered and don’t need to meet with advisors. in addition, spring generally has fewer new students, so lines aren’t as long.

a couple key differences:

  • registration in the spring is one-two days verses three days.
  • returning and new students move-in on the same day for spring registration.
2. activities are different.

by default, activities are different because of the weather. for spring registration, weather is cold and generally, there’s snow on the ground. the fact that the weather is different limits the type of activities.

3. new students assimilate faster.

the definition of “assimilate” according to webster is to “take into the mind and thoroughly understand”.

attending college, stepping away from home or beginning something new in a different environment, takes a bit of time to “thoroughly understand”. boise bible colleges aids this process by embracing students into the community and providing opportunities to engage with other students, faculty, and staff.

the students, faculty, and staff are highly praised for the community at boise bible college. because, there are more students in the fall, it takes longer for new students to be known in the community. although each student is different, generally this process is quicker in the spring because there are fewer students to know and embrace.

for additional information, see current students and new student registration.

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