#urxpedition – new website

author: boise bible college
published on: november 26, 2019

boise bible college has a new website! as of november 26, 2019, all visitors will be viewing our new website. with it comes a new “pep in our step”, and we are so thankful for everyone who made this project possible.

this revamp is thrilling in many ways, because it allows us to be a better resource for everyone in our community. this new website also allows us to showcase who we are. boise bible college is on the cusp of celebrating 75 years of equipping servant leaders for the church worldwide.

since 1945, we have remained true to our mission and remain one of the few new testament bible colleges in the northwest. in this time, we have awarded over 1,100 to about 1,000 men and women seeking to live out the gospel.

partnering with boise bible college, whether you’re a student or friend, means you are joining a much larger community that extends around the world. attending boise bible college means allowing us to equip you for where god may lead you.

boise bible college is leading the charge on incorporating biblical truths with relevant and innovative academics to train students for ministry. it’s a place where students strengthen their talents in every area, explore god’s community through multiple avenues, forge ties with the global church, and develop character traits needed to serve jesus and the church in any career they choose.

boise bible college wants to be resource for all followers of jesus, alumni, and church leaders. we understand being equipped for the journey does not stop at graduation.

so, peruse our website. see how you might partner with us on your expedition.

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