what is biblical studies or literature degree at boise bible college?

author: boise bible college
published on: november 8, 2019

when discussing bible college, the question “do you just learn about the bible all day?” is asked. in short, the answer is no. however, earning a biblical studies or biblical literature means you can study the bible in greater detail than other degrees.

simply, biblical studies or literature majors examine the history, background of scriptures in order to interpret it effectively. students evaluate the morality, theology, language, and perspectives in their studies of the text.

however, becoming a bible college student who sits in ivory towers of academia shouldn’t be the end goal for a the student. instead, students humbly learn how to apply god’s word to the world around them.

the difference between the biblical studies and biblical literature degree at boise bible college:

  • biblical studies is a bachelor of arts degree which includes greek basics 1 – 3
  • biblical literature is a bachelor of science degree which includes greek basics 1

what makes biblical studies or literature degree unique at boise bible college?

this degree is unique because by tearing scriptures apart students come to appreciate that it’s only god’s word that puts us back together again. in addition, students study god’s word in-depth to be able to dissect it for better understanding to point people towards jesus. lastly, these degrees focus on helping students learn the bible in order to apply it to everyday lives.

possible careers for biblical studies degrees:

  • pastor
  • bible translator
  • archeologist
  • theologian
  • teacher/professor
  • chaplain
  • writer/editor
  • counselor
  • missionary
  • evangelist
  • director of a christian nonprofit organization

this program is a launch pad for many endeavors. for example, with a these degrees, you may be qualified to work as a ministry director, foreign or domestic missionary, or some other clergy.

however, depending on the requirements, people with this degree have gone on to be linguistic teachers, counselors, youth pastors, and social workers. needless to say, wherever god leads you, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge in order to change lives.​

i love the these programs because i’ve grown in my knowledge of god and faith in god through professors who truly have a heart for god and teaching his word.

k. hill

current student

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