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published on: october 25, 2019
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by boise bible college admissions office

a preaching ministry is one of the most visible roles inside the church. many see the preacher on sunday mornings teaching from the god’s word or offering spiritual guidance throughout the week. however, what does a preacher do?

simply, a preacher inspires and disciples people to change for the better.


why does the world need more preaching majors?

according to our preaching ministry professor, dr. ben williams, “the teaching of god’s word is the most powerful channel to change a culture.” meaning, god designed the world to walk and live life alongside him. yet, this is only possible if we seek him first, and many do not understand this journey. so, the church needs people to know and teach god’s word to effectively align the world with the plan god intended.

when a church has leaders who are proclaiming god’s word, more people will find their purpose in doing things the way god intended. these leaders will be a part of developing people into who god wants them to be. how awesome!

“the preaching ministry degree at isn’t about how talented you are at speaking, but about instilling a passion for god’s word.”

jacob hartman, alumnus

why is the preaching program unique at boise bible college?

at bbc, there is an intense focus on god’s word to help people discover and develop who god wants them to be. it is important for students to know god’s word, understand it, communicate it, and live it to accomplish the mission of developing people to walk alongside him. it is crucial for students to learn to do this well for the sake of others.

the hope of this ministry program is that it inspires students to partner with god to lead a movement.

possible careers:

  • pastor
  • pastoral care pastor
  • youth minister
  • urban ministry administrator
  • director of a faith-based organization
  • missional community leader
  • chaplain
  • director nonprofit organization
  • bible translation
  • counselor
  • professor/educator

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