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published on: october 18, 2019
Family and Children's Ministry Degree

by boise bible college admissions office

inside the church, there are many positions to serve such as a family and children’s pastor. however, what is a family and children’s pastor? simply, in this role, students pre-school to 6th grade are pointed towards jesus in a way that suites their age. kids or children’s pastors manage and lead programs that minister to young kids and their families through education, activities, and counseling.


so, what does a family and children’s pastor do?

not only does this job manage and lead programs for kids, children pastors understand the need to develop volunteers and implement safety best practices. like many positions in the church, this role invests in team leaders to help reach their churches families for christ.

in many cases, children pastors lead the way for helping grow the church. simply, if the kids don’t like the church or, the families don’t feel supported in their efforts to raise their kids with christ-centered values, they won’t be back. therefore, this role involves creating a ministry that encourages and retains families. no pressure!

“bbc helped me realize that working in student ministry is more than teaching cool lessons or planning fun events. it’s about following jesus with everything we’ve got and setting an authentic example for the next generation, so that they can do the same!”

tyler moiser, 2017 graduate, children’s pastor at highline christian church

being a childen’s pastor is hard work and many don’t have the passion to work with kids, but this role is extremely important to the church. like a family and youth pastor, it’s important, because they act as a spiritual resource for families and build a path for parents to their kids. kids and youth are the future of the church. remember, they are the ones who will be coming up behind their parents and grandparents to spread the gospel. so, parents need resources to invest in their children in order to share jesus with them.

boise bible college prepares students academically, biblically, and spiritually to take on this role.

through this degree, students will learn to:

  • develop a sound philosophy of family and children’s ministry based on biblical principles and the developmental, educational, and spiritual needs of youth and families.
  • create and teach effective bible lessons for the different age groups across the span of children’s ministry.
  • effectively plan, organize, lead, and administrate a ministry to meet the needs of youth and their families in a church and its community.
  • recruit, train, and motivate the teams of workers needed to run a productive children’s ministry.
  • develop the ability to work with other church staff, ministry leaders, volunteers, and church members to accomplish the mission and goals of a congregation.

remember, a children’s and family pastor is training the next generation to lead and share jesus. so, they pour a lot into these students. this can be utterly exhausting and draining, but totally worth it later the kids come to see jesus authentically and humbly.

possible careers with this degree:

  • children’s ministry director
  • urban ministry administrator
  • curriculum writer
  • creative director for children’s ministry
  • director of a faith-based organization
  • missional community leader
  • chaplain
  • volunteer director
  • director of a children-focused nonprofit organization
  • childcare supervisor or director
  • camp director

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