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published on: september 20, 2019
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by boise bible college admissions

did you know that becoming a worship leader is more than being able to play an instrument or sing well? simply, a worship leader is someone who guides the music portion of the church service. they weave together a tapestry of elements to lead people to jesus. however, a worship leader also needs to be able to pastor and lead people aside from music.

“you are going to spend a lot of time invested in the program you choose. choose something you like. god will direct your path and it will look different than anyone else’s journey. but that’s ok.”

jessica wilson, professor of worship arts

let’s say one of your volunteers comes to you seeking counsel. how do you give them wisdom or guidance? or, perhaps, you notice a volunteer’s attitude is disrupting others on the stage, how do you begin a conversation with this person? lastly, how do you lead others to become better musicians who love god and create moments for others?

all of these scenarios take more than being an accomplished musician. so, when picking a college to obtain a worship arts degree, consider the following.

at boise bible college, you will be expected to grow as a musician just as much as you grow in your theological framework, so you can guide others into a relationship with jesus. becoming a director of music means becoming a skilled musician who knows god and who can curate moments of meaningful and authentic worship.

in the worship arts program at boise bible college, you discover the formational aspects of why we worship and why weekend services run the way they do through:

studying the bible

the old testament has the blueprints for glorifying god. then, jesus, our example, shows us who we are worshipping. finally, the early church shows us how to worship through the power of the holy spirit. by studying the bible, we create a deeper understanding that impacts becoming a worship leader.


studying history

students in the program look at ancient practices and tradition. more interestingly, classes discover the symbolism behind these practices, then decide whether it should be incorporated in our corporate services context today.

beethoven was considered a great innovator and brilliant musician. however, he knew the tradition and was able to take music history into a new direction. he was the bridge from the classical era to the romantic era!

by knowing your roots, you can become a better worship leader.

studying the conversation between us and god

worship is a conversation between us and god, a “dialogical conversation”. so, how does your adoration reflect this conversation happening right now, in church, in weekend services?

a worship leader inside the church is an important role in guiding and leading people to jesus. when you become a worship leader, you become vital in influencing and growing the kingdom of god.

possible careers for worship arts majors:

  • worship leader
  • creative arts pastor
  • songwriter
  • arranger/composer
  • service producer
  • audio recording engineer
  • media production specialist
  • technical arts director
  • music director
  • global worship ministry
  • choral director
  • christian music publisher
  • youth worship leader
  • vocal and instrumental performance

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