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published on: september 13, 2019
Become at Teacher at a Christian college

in the field of education, there are many different ways to becoming a teacher. in addition, there are many career fields besides teaching and various areas in which one could teach. whether you become a principle or teach in a remote village across the globe or work in a public school writing curriculum, you have the capability to make a lasting impact on students just like jesus did.

as the master teacher, jesus gives us the shape our teaching should take inside an educational setting. throughout the gospels, jesus teaches through asking questions, visuals, and stories. additionally, he uses history and experience to help people understand his message.

“my degree through bbc helped me land my first job at a small private school . . . i worked there for 4 years before deciding to take the plunge and go into the public school system. now i am working with students in a low income area who really need the love of christ shown to them every day.”

k. svinth, bbc alum, “wait, becoming at teacher at bbc?”

by being equipped in the way of jesus inside the classroom, you have the chance to love students fiercely, see students as jesus sees them, and teach like him.

in addition, becoming an educator means becoming part of something larger. beginning with martin luther, christians led the charge for global literacy. luther believed firmly that everyone needed access to learning how to read the scriptures. moreover, from the article how jesus shaped education, less than six years after the puritans landed in massachusetts, they established what would later become harvard university. what a legacy!

however, confusion can cover the steps to becoming a teacher or the different possibilities with an education degree.

there are many paths to certification . . . nonetheless, the state certifies, not the college.

many higher education institutions offer degrees in education. however, many students believe a college or university is what certifies the teacher. in actuality, the college is the avenue in which students have access to the certifications.

colleges and universities must pay the state in order for students to have access to these certification tests and courses. in addition, moving across state lines means another set of standards and tests.

paths to certification encouraged by boise bible college:

graduate level programs

lastly, many students who go on to a graduate-level program may obtain certification through the masters in teaching (mat) or another education program. we’ve had students attend george fox university, johnson university, multnomah university, and others.

american board

the american board is a teacher certification course that includes subject area exams, one-year clinical experience, and a two-year mentor program among some of the requirements. so, after three years, you may obtain your teaching license. however, you must complete the american board in a state that allows american board certifications (idaho being 1 of 15 states).

possible career paths:

  • high school teacher
  • elementary education teacher
  • assistant teacher
  • assistant principal
  • oversees teacher
  • school district administrator
  • curriculum design
  • guidance counselor
  • career counselor
  • admissions counselor
  • special education teacher
  • juvenile corrections worker
  • camp director
  • youth organization director
  • daycare administration
  • adult english as a second language
  • adult education teacher

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