what is student life?

author: boise bible college
published on: may 3, 2019

by dr. cody christensen, dean of students at boise bible college

student life at any college involves a collection of extracurricular activities to get involved in, whether you live on campus or off campus. these activities provide chances to connect with peers in the community of the college. what makes student life at boise bible college (bbc) unique is the intentional effort to help students grow both socially and spiritually.

here are a few of the student life opportunities at bbc:

student council

at bbc, we have multiple student council positions. from student body president to freshman class representative, students run for elections and vote on who they wish to represent them as a class or student body.


students help lead services twice each week that are designed for you to deepen your relationship with god. in addition, this hour built into the class schedule helps to come together as a study body to rest. these services feature worship and inspirational messages from faculty, staff members, and guest speakers.

thursday night devos

every thursday evening the student council organizes a special time that brings the student body together for a time of worship, devotion and prayer. these times are designed to deepen relationships with god and fellow classmates.         

student life committees

the committees are designed to offer opportunities in leadership, and planning and organizing events – events such as missions emphasis week or spiritual leadership week. in addition, there is the media committee, service projects committee, or athletics committee.

all-school retreat

this is a two-day retreat with the entire student body at the beginning of the year to start the year with encouragement with a guest speaker and worship. if you wish to listen session 1 of the retreat last september (fall 2018) from dr. john whittaker, check out this audio:

“dorm parent” sponsored events

each semester the resident assistant’s host an event for the student body. this event varies, but usually in the spring it is a bbq at a well-known park in boise, along with frisbee, hiking, etc.

all-school white water rafting trip

during registration weekend, before school starts, the school takes a trip an hour north to banks, idaho to take a trip down the payette river. this helps integrate new students into the student body in a fun and exciting way!

finals week feed

student council and housing together host a late pancake feed and taco bar for students to re-coop and re-energize during finals week.

class sponsored events

each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) hold events for the student body such as senior skip day or freshman banquet.

senior skip day 2019

athletics and recreation 

although, bbc does not participate in intercollegiate sports, we have an athletics committee. this committee is very active in organizing intramural events and tournaments throughout the year such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, and dodge ball. also, there are opportunities to join city leagues in a variety of sports!

if you enjoy outdoor adventure, boise offers great access to trails, rivers, and mountains for you to explore. many students take day trips to surrounding hiking trails, waterfalls, or hot springs!

end-of-the-year softball game

at the end of the year, students and faculty gather for a softball game – faculty/staff vs. students!

student life activities are important in developing leadership skills, but they also help adjust to college life. the transition from home to college can be difficult, but when you are doing it along side others, it becomes easier.

if you have any questions about student life, contact the student life department at bbc at 208.376.7731!

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