i am enough

author: boise bible college
published on: may 31, 2016

jackiethe last and final article of “as told by alumni” is written by jackie cole a 2015 bbc graduate. she graduated with her bs in children’s ministry from bbc and ma in strategic ministry and leadership development from johnson university. currently, she is serving at journey christian church in greeley, co.
i am officially an alumni of bbc: that blows my mind! i graduated from bbc last spring, and though that already feels like a lifetime ago, my time at bbc was one of the most formative seasons of my life. not only was it a shaping experience in the moment, i still find myself being shaped by the people, memories, and education, even after moving on.
i just left living in phoenix, arizona where i graduated with my master’s degree in strategic ministry and leadership development from johnson university, while participating in the residency program at christ’s church of the valley, or ccv. what a mouth full… seriously though, that sentence alone proves that we serve a god who not only has a sense of humor but also is going to lead you to places you never would dream. i thought i would be a northwest girl for the rest of my life, and a master’s degree… yeah right! sure, i put a high value on education, but i was ready to go do ministry. yet, god has led me to a city that is an oasis of adventure, and to a master’s program that has a heart that beats for hands on experience.
who is this ministry thing for anyway?
and you know what, i was so blessed by my time in arizona, way more than i thought i was going to be. but it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. guys, i moved to the desert, so you better believe there were moments i was living in the desert spiritually. it took god moving me to a city where i didn’t know a single person, place or thing for him to get ahold of my life and my ministry.
i am not going to lie; when i was in boise i was a big fish in a small pond. i believed the experiences i was going through and the opportunities i had were all a way to raise my value. i used the ministry god was doing through my life to be a platform to elevate my ego, instead of the name of christ. how messed up is that?!? so when i got to ccv i was quickly humbled. there are people who are just as outgoing, just as funny and just as driven as i am out here, and because i was living my ministry for myself my passion soon turned into desperation.
i would have done anything for people to like me, for people to see that i was a leader, and that i was a person of value. however, i didn’t need to prove myself, i am enough just as i am. when god calls a person to ministry, he is not calling them because he thinks they are qualified on their own. he calls those who are ready to do his work and to make his name known. when god finally got ahold of my heart and showed me how desperate i had become, i felt like a new person, like my passions were brand new.
i am not living a life of ministry for my ministry. i am living a life for god to do the work of his ministry through my life. nothing should be for my glory, if it is then i will be quick to fail. however, when i live a life centered around the ministry of christ my spirit is renewed, my calling is clarified and i get to claim the title enough.

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